Short Stories

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In late 2013 I decided to knuckle down and get serious about my creative writing and trade ‘binge writing’ for a daily habit.

To help me do this, I decided to commit myself to The Short Story project in 2014 – my own 12-month challenge to churn out a story a month, and also submit a number of stories to writing competitions.

I hoped by the end of the year to have enough stories for my own short horror-dark fantasy anthology. That was the plan, anyway. Along the way I was sidetracked as at least one short story spawned several more, and other stories have found their way into other anthologies.

My first effort was ‘Army Dreamers’, a horror story set in the Australian outback. In ‘Army Dreamers’, a group of soldiers rouse an ancient and legendary evil when they trespass on sacred Aboriginal land during a training exercise. Scary stuff! It will be included in a horror anthology being edited by Richard Freeman in 2015.

My second story for 2014 was ‘For Fear of Little Men’, a dark fantasy tale set in a quiet neighbourhood beset by bad faeries. In a strange and darkly magical twist, it has taken on a life of its own and will now form part of a novella.

My third story for the year was ‘All Hail the Queen’, about the proverbial new girl at school and her newfound and somewhat unhealthy obsession with beekeeping. I’m presently finalising this one for publication – prepare to feel its sting!

There are many more, stay tuned…

In the meantime, check out ‘Army Dreamers’ – soon to feature in the Tales of the Damned anthology.


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