Events & Workshops

From time to time, I organise writing-related events in the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. These have ranged from talks by other authors and NANOWRIMO write-ins in coffee shops and libraries to writing classes and, on one occasion, a guided bushwalk!

All events will be shared on this page.

Coming Up…

Ghost Story Writing workshop @ Woodford Academy 28 October (2017)


Past Events…

Gordon White author Aug 19 talk @ Blue Labyrinth Retreat (2017)

Gordon Strong writing workshop/author talks (2017)

NANOWRIMO Write-In Katoomba Library (2016)

Paracon Australian Big Cats and Tasmanian Tiger author talks (2016)

NANOWRIMO Write-In Springwood Library (2015)

Australian Big Cats author talk and ‘panther’ walk (2013)

News and Feature Story Writing @ Hawkesbury Community College (2008-2009)

Ghost Story Writing workshops – Woodford Academy, Macquarie Arms Hotel (2007)


Author Gordon White presenting to a full house @ Blue Labyrinth Retreat.
UK author Gordon Strong talks about his writing, research and books.
Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.15.58 pm
A marketing blurb about one of mine and co-author Mike’s Paracon talks in 2016.
Author Mike Williams shares some big cat tales on a guided bushwalk.

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