The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant

The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant is a very readable volume of essays that exude the enthusiasm of the contributors and tells an important part of the history of Australian conservation that has applications on a worldwide scale.
David Mattichak,, November 2014

Rebecca Lang has put together (as Editor) an excellent and very interesting case study in ‘The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?’… based on the question: Is the Tasmanian Tiger still alive, and if so, where exactly?
Richard Muirhead,, December 2016

Army Dreamers

“Tightly written with an almost cinematic feel, the story is worthy of M.R. James, William Hope Hodgson or E.F. Benson. The thing that crawls from the pages of this tale makes most modern horror fare seem tame.”
Richard Freeman, AUTHOR: GREEN UNPLEASANT LAND, 13/1/2014

“I was gripped by this short story from start to finish. An innocent Army training exercise in the outback goes terribly wrong when they unleash some terrifying Prehistoric Dreamtime horror.”
Donna Ingham, AMAZON.COM, 16/1/2014

Australian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers

“Of all the books I’ve read on the ‘big cat’ mystery, Australian Big Cats is without doubt the finest. Even the most hardened of sceptics will enjoy this truly monstrous – and I mean monstrous at over 400 pages – read. Australian Big Cats…is an engrossing read (I read it straight through in two days), and it comes highly recommended. Get your paws on a copy now.”
Neil Arnold, AUTHOR & FOLKLORIST, 19/11/2014

“The authors’ even-handed, open-minded approach provides ample evidences for the theories they touch upon…this is a first-rate Fortean classic, fastidiously sourced, and essential reading for all students of the ABC phenomenon.”

“At 434 pages, it’s substantial. It’s also highly readable, nicely formatted and very well illustrated. The authors have collated a vast amount of information gleaned not only from published sources but also from interviews with both eyewitnesses and people who have examined evidence firsthand. So, to anyone seriously interested in mystery animals, mystery big cats or Australian mammals in general, this book is a must-have…”
Dr Darren Naish, AUTHOR: Tetrapod Zoology; Scientific American blog

“Michael Williams and Rebecca Lang have written an astonishing book, not only for the obvious research and presentational professionalism but the fact that it is so utterly thought provoking.”
Carl Portman, AUTHOR: A Daintree Diary

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