A new age in publishing…


ALLI member David Mattichak has posted a great summary of the state of play in publishing and where independent publishing fits in over at his popular blog www.dgmattichakjr.com.

“Whether we like it or not, we have entered into a brave new world of writing and publishing across a range of media and books is only one of them. The fact is that there will always be bad books and there will always be good books, and the difference between them will be decided by the people that read them, not the people that publish them.”

Well said David!

Why Australian conferences need to embrace self publishers


This week I have a post over at the Alliance of Independent Authors blog, discussing some observations about Australian writing festivals and the perceived reticence they have where independent publishing is concerned.

Pop on over and have a read. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section, either here or there.