The Tasmanian Tiger lives on in new anthology

484834_810918928925678_1995098797_n I’m please to announce my latest publishing project has finally been given its wings and is flying off the shelves (I hope) – some of you who have been extra good might even end up with a copy in your Christmas stocking!

The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant? has been a lengthy project from initial idea to completion, largely because I worked directly with 12 authors and a graphic designer, so it was challenging to marshal the contents together and finesse the final product.

I could almost write a whole blog on conceptualising, organising and publishing an anthology, but I already have another two well underway. Let’s see how I feel after that – I may yet have more lessons to learn.

We’ve already received a lot of support from well-known bloggers in promoting the book, and it has already made the ‘Top 20′ list of US cryptozoology writer and blogger Loren Coleman. Huzzah!

Does the Tasmanian Tiger still roam the island state, parts of the Australian mainland, and the northern land mass of Irian Jaya-Papua New Guinea? Well, you might just have to read it to find out.

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