Some ALLi news…

I was one of the featured guest bloggers over the holiday period for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) on its excellent and widely read Self Publishing Advice blog on the subject of book covers.

You’ve already seen me wax lyrical on this blog about the importance of a good cover. I’m pleased more independent authors are stepping up to the challenge of leveling the playing field between independent and trade published books.

In other news, I was recently asked to step up and be an ALLi Ambassador for the Australasian region, along with fellow ‘indie’ Elisabeth Storrs, which I readily agreed to – I think sharing knowledge and experience is one of the great benefits of ALLi membership, and I’m more than happy to contribute some time and energy.

If you’re curious about ALLi’s work, click on the link below and read about some of the many benefits available to independent authors.

Alliance of Independent Authors /

I hope, on reflection, everyone has had a productive 2014 – whether that involved honing your craft through learning or writing, drafting a major piece of work, or publishing and marketing the fruits of your labours.

Here’s to a cracking 2015!

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