Reading – the Great Lie

Let’s talk about those books you’ve told everyone you’ve read. Really? Did you REALLY? I confess I may have once told someone I read Ulysses when I haven’t – and have no plans ever to do so.

So why do we lie? Is it because we’re too embarrassed? Do we want to appear more worldly and literate? Or is it because we’re trying madly to impress a potential new friend or lover? Maybe it’s because, like me, you were being bored rigid by some pretentious name-dropping acquaintance and trying to move a turgid conversation along 🙂

There’s a great meme going around, copied below, that prompted me to respond. I HAVE, read most of the titles on this list, but not War and Peace, Crime and Punishment or Bleak House. There, I’ve come clean.

What about you? 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 5.36.22 pm

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