Big Cats in Britain – Yearbook 2007


Big cats are said to roam the British Isles and Ireland – even now as you are sitting and reading this. People from all walks of life encounter these mysterious felines on a daily basis in every nook and cranny of these two countries. Most are jet-black, some are white, some are brown – in fact big cats of every description and colour are seen by some unsuspecting person while on his or her daily business. ‘Big Cats in Britain’ is the largest and most active group in the British Isles and Ireland. This is their first book. It contains a run-down of every known big cat sighting in the UK during 2006, together with essays by various leading British and Australian big cat researchers that place the phenomenon into scientific, cultural/folkloric, and historical perspective.

Featured among the many articles is Australian Big Cats: The Evidence, a piece I co-wrote with Michael Williams exploring contemporary big cat reports across Australia and the supporting evidence for these encounters.

You can buy it here.

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